Welcome to your MileTracker!

This downloadable application will retrieve and consolidate all your frequent flier and loyalty program account statuses, activities, and summaries. Plus, get the latest travel news and deals from USA TODAY.

Security of Your Data

All your personal account information is maintained within the profile on your own computer, not on a web server in cyberspace. MileTracker does not install any spyware or adware, nor does it transmit any personally identifiable information.

Comprehensive Program Coverage

MileTracker currently supports more than 120 frequent flier and loyalty programs. And we’re adding more all of the time! MileTracker will even automatically update to include new features and programs. You can check out the current list by going to the Supported FFP's link.

Multiple User Support

While tracking your own accounts, you can easily do the same for your friends and family members. MileTracker will display all the balances in an easy-to-read chart.

View Account Details

Obtain detailed information about your accounts, including history and recent activity. Expiration dates are currently being tracked for several programs.

New programs will be added soon!

  • Easy to use
  • It's FREE!
  • No spyware or adware

If you have any questions about USA TODAY MileTracker please feel free to contact us. You can use the contact page here or send us an email at help@deskport.biz.